A Short Guide To Riding The Bus

The System

Greater Cincinnati has two major bus systems: Metro and TANK.

Metro serves Cincinnati and outlying suburbs. TANK serves Northern Kentucky.

Except for a few crosstown routes, every Metro and TANK bus passes through downtown Cincinnati. 

Buying Tickets

Single ride passes on Metro are $1.75 within the city of Cincinnati. TANK is $1.50. Learn more about fares: Metro and TANK.

Download Cincy EZRide from the app store. Activate tickets when you get on the bus and display to the driver (not compatible with TANK).

Cincy EZRide can only be used on Metro buses. TANK and Metro also sell stored value cards, which can be purchased at several locations, including Government Square, and are compatible with both systems.

You can always pay with cash on the bus. No change is given, so you'll want to have dollars and quarters handy.

Planning Your Route

Transit is the most functional app for planning your route. Seamless integration of walking routes, Metro and TANK buses.

Google Maps is the best resource for those without a smartphone. Enter your destination and click on the train symbol for directions. 

You may also check Metro and TANK route schedules, but the amount of information can be overwhelming.

Tips & Tricks

Arrive 3-5 minutes early to be 100% sure of catching the bus. Buses can be early/late and real-time tracking is not always reliable.

When you cut it close, Bus Detective has the best real-time tracking. 

The bus driver may not always see you, even when standing at your stop. Stick your hand out or wave, if necessary. 

Use your phone to track your location, so you know when to get out. If you don't have a phone, ask the driver for help. 

Pull the cord when you want to stop. If the bus stops too early, ask the driver to go to the next stop.