Dear Councilmember _________________

[As a regular rider, a daily rider, or a current rider, supporter of public transit, or however you'd like to describe yourself] I am writing in support of appointing at least three full-time bus riders to the SORTA Board and pursuing a sales tax levy in Hamilton County to expand and modernize our public transit system. At present, no one on the SORTA board relies on Metro for everyday travel. Riders need a seat at the table to ensure that our transit system meets and responds to their needs. Appointing full-time riders to the board will provide a better perspective on the challenges facing bus riders in Cincinnati.

If Metro does not receive expanded funding, the agency may cut existing service by 20% to 30% with large fare increases. This could be the final blow to an already starved system. I urge you to take action to encourage the SORTA board to place a sales tax levy on the ballot that will not only fix Metro’s deficit, but also allow for needed expansion and modernization of our region’s largest transit agency. The current bus system is inadequate to meet the needs of a growing, major metropolitan area. With investment in the system we can: (Pick one or write one of your own) [build a world-class bus network that gives more residents access to more opportunities.] [meet the city’s ambitious environmental goals.] [reduce congestion and reduce the demand for parking.] [grow as a city with greater infill development and density.] [grow our regional economy and position the Greater Cincinnati area as a leader in access and mobility.]

I believe that this issue is important to the future of this city and I urge you to take decisive action on appointing bus riders to the SORTA board and expanding Metro.




Organization (if any)