Our bus petition would go before City of Cincinnati voters in Fall 2019, providing a much-needed boost in Metro funding. Our system is teetering on the brink of collapse. Without any new streams of investment since the early 1970’s and steadily-declining federal and state funding, this initiative is long past due.

To read a brief explanation of our petition, click here. We propose increasing Cincinnati’s earnings tax by 0.2%, which would increase the portion dedicated to Metro from 0.3% to 0.5%. Funds would only be used for bus operations.




The Better Bus Coalition has been active building benches to give bus riders around the city a place to sit. Outside of a few key hubs, Cincinnati is severely lacking in bus infrastructure and we are working to fix that.


You can donate to our bench initiative here. If you would like to volunteer materials or labor, please email us at or reach out on social media @BetterBusCo.


Learn about our initiative from the Enquirer, WCPO, and CityBeat.

Bus-only lane


We successfully advocated for a bus-only lane on Main St between 6th St and Court St. This has helped speed up bus service during rush hour for many of Metro’s busiest routes (including the 4, 11, 17, 33, 43, Metro*Plus).

The Better Bus Coalition is currently researching other streets in the city that would benefit from a bus-only lane. With buses carrying up to 40+ passengers during rush hour, bus-only lanes are a proven strategy for increasing transportation efficiency in a city.

Learn about the bus-only lane from the Enquirer, Business Courier, and Local12.