Putting Metro on the ballot in 2019

The Better Bus Coalition is committed to ensuring Metro has adequate funding to address capital deficits and to increase bus frequency throughout the system to ensure that bus riders can get places quickly and efficiently.

Better Bus Coalition volunteer collecting signatures on a recent afternoon

Better Bus Coalition volunteer collecting signatures on a recent afternoon

Our petition would be voted on by City of Cincinnati residents in Fall 2019 and would increase the earnings tax devoted to Metro funding from 0.3% to 0.5%.

You can read the full text of the petition below. For a more detailed explanation of our proposed changes to the City Charter, click here.




Despite providing millions of bus rides each year (13.8 million in 2018), Cincinnati’s bus system is severely lacking in basic infrastructure.

We believe bus riders deserve a place to sit. Thanks to generous donations of time and money, we have built benches to place at the busiest stops.


You can read more about the initiative here or click to donate so we can build even more.

Bus-only lane


Beginning in the winter of 2018, the Better Bus Coalition successfully advocated for a bus-only lane on Main St in downtown Cincinnati. The approximately four-block stretch (between 6th St and Court St) was implemented in early November 2018. We are in the process of identifying and advocating for more bus-only lanes throughout the city.

With buses carrying up to 40+ passengers at a time, prioritizing bus travel during rush hour is the most efficient way to move people in Cincinnati. Learn more about the Main St bus-only lane here.

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Who we are

The Better Bus Coalition is a grassroots organization supporting investment in Hamilton County's bus system.


We mobilize riders, engage public and private entities, and activate the community to push for a revamped bus system that provides true mobility and economic viability for our region.

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