The Better Bus Map

See the full map in its full 40” x 48” glory here

Why the Better Bus Map?

In the age of smartphones having a physical or even digital copy of a map can seem unnecessary. Plugging in your destination into Google Maps will yield multiple different routes to take to get to a destination. While this is great for way finding, it is difficult to get an idea of where certain lines go and how frequently they come without looking at Metro’s existing pdf route maps and deciphering the bus schedule.

Spatial maps are still relevant as they can impact the perception of spatial distance and travel time. Metro has an existing system map (which can be found here), but the amount of information presented on the map mixed with how much information is not presented on the map leaves viewers needing to check multiple documents, maps, and brochures to get all of the information they need to not only decide how to travel by bus, but where they can travel by bus.

The precursor to this map was one created by Cincinnatian Nate Wessel in 2013 (which can be found here). The map, an enormous improvement over Metro’s full route map, is unfortunately 5 years out of date. Some routes have changed, some routes have different frequencies, and new places to take the bus to have developed since then. The Better Bus Map is our take on bus system mapping in Hamilton County and was heavily influenced by Nate Wessel’s maps.

See something wrong on the map or have a suggestion of what could be added? Email to let us know. Enjoy!